I Started Losing 100 Pounds in High School

I Started Losing 100 Pounds in High School!

Growing-up I was always a bit stocky and chubby, but by the time I reached 15 years old I became very Obese.  Being Obese was no fun and I did not have anyone around me, such as a Personal Trainer, who knew what to do to save me from living a life of Obesity.

When I was about 15 years old my Mom had read somewhere that I should eat at least three meals per day to burn fat and keep my metabolism high.  Her telling me that and getting-up early to make me breakfast and keeping me on the right path to the three meal idea is what ultimately started me on the right track to losing 100 Pounds!  Five to six small meals and snacks each day is now what I recommend to all of my clients.

You see I was not a lazy kid.  I would play all day outside after school and ride my bike and run and play with my dog.  But what was missing was the right Nutrition.  I would normally go all day without food, and then maybe get a soda and honey bun after school.  Later that evening I would eat a huge dinner of 3-4 helpings and go to sleep with a full belly.  By doing that I would lie down and get fat because I had all this unnecessary energy inside me, in the form of food, which would not get burned as fuel for exercise while sleeping.

After losing 100 Pounds I became a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and have helped people with my profession ever since.  I wish I would have had a Personal Trainer come to help me when I was a kid.  That would have helped change my elementary, middle, and high school years for a more positive experience.

I did not have luck with dating being so fat and out of shape looking.  I wasn’t asked to go to any Prom’s and I didn’t have the self-confidence to ask anyone to go with me because I felt I would get turned down.  I wish someone would have been able to help guide me towards the correct ways to exercise, eat properly, and rest to have a healthier body.

Exercise, Nutrition, and Rest are the foundations to how I train my clients and how I live each day.  My wife and I also try to exercise, eat healthy, and get plenty of rest so we set a good example for our sons Dylan and Matthew.  I want Dylan and Matthew to be active, which comes natural to them, but also to eat right and get plenty of sleep at night and naps if possible.

I know this will help keep Dylan and Matthew from becoming Obese like I was.  We do not pressure our boys.  Yenni and I just try to have regular healthy activities planned for them such as: riding  bikes at the River Walk Trail, playing soccer, throwing football, shooting basketball, hitting baseball, walking around the neighborhood, playing tennis, taking hikes in the woods, going to the gym and more.

Remember growing-up I was not lazy, I was very active.  The problem was I was going all day without eating enough food to keep my metabolism high and burning lots of calories.  When I did eat at night I would load-up on lots of calories and then stop exercising and being active.  I would repeat this terrible cycle almost 5-6 days per week and it was killing my body and not helping my dating life whatsoever.

We as a family try to eat healthy foods in the right amounts all day so we keep our metabolisms running high and our sugar levels normal.  We try not to go too long without food because that can lead to irritability, hunger, and being tired or fatigued.  We do try to eat the right types of healthy foods and in moderation.

At night we try to sleep at least 8 hours and if possible a nap in the afternoon to recharge.  I know this all sounds like a lot, but it isn’t.  I save my cheat meals for the weekend and try to be good during the week.  Instead of us watching TV or playing hours of video games, we are outside enjoying healthy activities as a family.  We can burn calories, have fun, and spend quality family time together instead of being lazy sitting in front of the television.

Parents if you do these healthy activities with your kids and eat the right foods at the right times in moderation, then you will save yourselves and your CHILDREN from a life of Obesity.  Please participate in regular healthy activities, practice good nutrition, and get plenty of rest.  If you do you will live a happier and healthier life!