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Online Personal Training & Accountability Plan! ( 4 Plans )


Train With Dave Global!

Online Personal Training & Accountability Plan!

Each month our Goals will be: Exercise, Nutrition, & Rest/Stress Relief are our 3 Goals each week

I'll setup 3-5 workouts each week for you and text or email them to you, plus send you 3 cardio sessions of which we discuss prior to that fits your enjoyment. Variety is key for training and then we focus on your Nutrition plan, and Rest/Stress relief will fall into place. You will get structured and on a good plan that should only take you 4-8 hours each week total exercising depending on strength training/run/walking/etc lengths.

We will have a weekly 15 min Nutrition & Planning check-in or multiple check-ins by phone weekly plus me preparing your workouts and our texting a lot back/forth (texting no charge) etc @ $1/minute so you should expect to spend $75-$225 for a month of private Online Personal Training with me.

Personal Attention, Accountability, Structure, Exercise, Nutrition, & Rest/Stress Relief is the plan incorporating your social life, including Light, Medium, Heavy, Medium training weeks plus plenty of Recovery for the body. We will attain all of this!