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Team Strength Runner is comprised of some of the Hardest Training, Hardest Racing, & Hardest Working Professional OCR and extreme endurance Athletes in the Sport!

                Training and competing for the most Elite Obstacle Races in the world is so very intense and the Athletes of Team Strength Runner have to stay in top physical condition to be able to meet each and every challenge thrown their way.  Intense competitions motivate Team Strength Runner to train intense, practice serious nutritional planning with the right sports supplementation and most importantly get enough rest and recovery.  All the extreme training and competition environments such as: high altitudes, dangerously cold water, severe heat, chances of dehydration, deserts, jungles, swims, mud, rough terrain, rocky trails, etc…make Team Strength Runner Professional OCR and Endurance Athletes that Train, Eat, Supplement, Rest & Recover at unbelievable levels!



How did Team Strength Runner begin?

Dave Gluhareff (Team Founder) was the first sponsored Obstacle Racing Athlete, Trainer, & Writer by VPX Sports/Redline in the Fall of 2012. Dave soon came to VPX Sports with the idea to build a positive, drama free, hard training, elite group of OCR Athletes and VPX agreed! VPX has allowed Dave to build what has now become known as VPX Team Xtreme to make a positive impact on the world of OCR! Our Athletes will show their variety in training, nutrition, rest, recovery, supplementation, and great personalities to the world! VPX Sports sees the effectiveness in having top OCR Athletes using their cutting edge, university studied, and science back sports supplements and putting their products to the most extreme tests! Team Xtreme has some of the hardest training, racing, and competitive Professional Athletes in the world who all are stand-up good people that love their sport! VPX Team Xtreme will make a huge positive impact on the sport of OCR and isn't about one individual...it's about the Team! In 2015 the team was then re-named Team Strength Runner after Dave went out on his own and founded Strength Runner! Visit www.StrengthRunner.com for more training, nutrition, and rest/recovery info and to keep up with the team!


Obstacle Racing means more to Team Strength Runner than just winning or “self”.  We all love to win, but honestly we feel the heartbeat of OCR and love it to the core.  Our Team is all about helping our brother or sister competitor up and over and obstacle or through a difficult challenge to show camaraderie.  OCR to us is about pushing ourselves through the most difficult physical, mental, and emotional challenges of any and every course to better ourselves and others. OCR Athletes travel around the world to places we’ve never been before!  We push our bodies way beyond their believable limits!  Friendships are made and sometimes the best of friends are made in the sport of OCR after grueling through jungles, deserts, high elevations, low on food, water, and energy!  We adapt and overcome together!

AT the Heart of OCR is the fact that the Sport of Obstacle Racing is about challenging oursleves physically, emotionally, and mentally beyond belief all the while helping our fellow man overcome the same obstacles with us.

Matthew “Ultra Beast” Dolitsky: “Mud people are the best people!”


Team Strength Runner Athlete John Taylor: “Obstacle Racing is a beautifully frustrating test of your constitution!”


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