Busy Men Getting In Shape


The Busiest of Busy Men can get into Great Shape!

                I have always specialized in fitness training and planning for busy professional men for nearly 20 years.  These guys have careers such as high level Executives, Ministers, CEO’s, VP’s, Attorneys, business owners, Contractors, City Officials, Politicians, Real Estate Brokers, Doctors, Stock Brokers, Surgeons, and more demanding occupations. 

Are these people busy? Sure without a doubt…but so am I.  Do these people also have families?  Sure…but so do I.  The reasons I’ve always helped them succeed is because I help them be problem solvers and trouble shooters with their own health.  We’ve made their health a priority. 

I take no Excuses about getting into Exercising and Getting Active and I don’t care who they, what they are worth financially, or how busy of a schedule.  They are paying me to be honest and get them on track not to enable their dysfunctional, lazy, and un-healthy choices anymore.  If you care about someone or something then you will do whatever it takes to take care of him/her or it.  If you truly care about your health and your value as a person and what you mean to your kids, family, friends, and work then you will do what’s necessary to get healthy. 

I always accommodate my clients’ schedules to make sure they do not use my schedule as an excuse if they are on-call, have an emergency, last minute meeting pops-up, or family events.  I will meet before, during, or after and on holidays to ensure the success of my clients.  For example sometimes it means me going to a Neurosurgeons’ house while he is on call to do our workout close by his house in case of emergency.  I do respect having to stop mid-jog and let him take a phone call from a patient or family member dealing with a life or death decision.  But then we resume our workout if he doesn’t have to leave.

In regards to eating right and Proper Nutrition well that’s really a no-brainer!  Once you begin getting active and exercising regularly then the eating healthy should be an easy next step.  Why waste time being active then go home to a dozen doughnuts or junk food.  If you are paying me then why would you waste the money with me to go cheat 24/7 on your diet?  Once you begin exercising regularly it puts a guilt trip on your stomach to want to make healthy food and drink choices.  Go to www.TrainWithDave.comand click on Nutrition Plan for my “Free” plan my clients and readers use all the time!

Getting plenty of rest is hard for busy and productive people but once they force themselves to get into a good sleep groove each night of 6-8 hours they begin to feel better.  Next I have my clients and readers focus on getting a nap in the daytime if possible for 30-90 minutes on a lunch break or any break for that matter.  Sleep is so very important to them being effective as businessmen and productive employees.

Once my clients get Exercise, Nutrition, and Rest on a structured schedule they immediately lower their Stress, Lose Body Fat, Lose inches, lower their Cholesterol, regulate their Sugar, lower Blood Pressure, get rid of Heart Burn/Acid Reflux, and just become more positive and confident.



I have to brag on a couple busy clients for a minute: Jamie Williford and Kevin Lingle!


Jamie Williford:

Jamie Williford is an Associate Minister at my Church “West Main Baptist Church” and also the Chaplain at Averett University.  He’s a Middle Boarder Fellow, on the board of Von Wellington Film School, has tons of random meetings and counseling sessions weekly, goes away on mission trips with our congregation (taking some exercise equip along J), plus he’s married and finds time to commute weekly to see his awesome wife Hannah who is in PA (Physicians Assistant) school out of town.  Jamie started with me thin but soft with little muscle tone or definition.  Now he’s lean and ripped sporting six-pack abs and honestly one of the most athletic looking physiques most people will ever see.  He’s put on some quality muscle and kept his body fat low all the while getting faster, stronger, better endurance, and more agile.  He’s become an exceptional client and friend.


Kevin Lingle:


                Kevin Lingle is a newer Cardiologist here in Danville, Virginia for Cardiology Consultants of Danville.  He’s slammed busy with being a Doctor, Father, active leading programs in his Church “Union Church”, a Husband, and also finds time for himself almost daily to follow my workouts and keep healthy.  Kevin may see me at my facility or go to his gym closer to his work if he’s short on time and then will ask for workouts. If there’s a question he immediately texts me and I get him on track.  He never makes excuses about practicing what he teaches his patients each week by staying active, eating right, and fitting in enough rest even with a busy on-call Doctor schedule!  Kevin has become an exceptional client and friend also.




                These clients are exceptional in following my lead and direction but in all honesty all my clients and readers are exceptional because they are serious about positively changing their lives.  My clients, no matter how busy they are, get results.  My job is to hold them accountable and keep them focused and sticking to the plans we make together.  I don’t accept my own excuses so I cannot in good faith accept theirs when it comes to getting them healthy and prolonging their lives. Visit this link from my main site for tons of before/after pics, testimonials, and success stories - http://www.trainwithdave.com/success-stories/what-clients-are-saying!!


Here are more real life before/after pics of Busy Men I train who make no excuses and are positively changing their own lives!! Way to go guys!