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(Open to "Anyone" looking to get into Great Shape plus "OCR Athletes"!)

OCR Athlete Training or Obstacle Course Workouts for Anyone to get into Great Shape!

Never before seen Cutting Edge, Newest, Coolest, & most Fun workouts anywhere created by Dave Gluhareff!


Dave Gluhareff is a veteran Elite Obstacle Racer, a Professional Fitness Trainer since the 1990’s, an Advanced Nutrition Expert, published Health/Fitness Writer since 2000, former 305 pound Obese teenager, and Director of VPX Team Xtreme OCR!  Dave is now considered one of the largest Ultra Running and Ultra OCR Athletes in the World standing 6’2 & weighing 232 pounds!



(Anyone can Workout w/Dave to Get into Awesome Shape with these Workouts!)

Dave has created cutting edge new Workouts which are actual obstacle & exercise courses involving running to each obstacle or exercise completing mini to mammoth endurance courses!!  Dave holds his Obstacle Course Workouts in person and sets them up for his online clientele!

This example course below is about a mile long with 11 obstacles & exercises utilizing one of Dave's training facilities, historic downtown, plus the Riverwalk trail area!  Blending an Awesome Workout with Nature, History, Public bike paths, River Walk trails, and Great People into a calorie burning, muscle toning, endurance strengthening super Fun Obstacle Course Workout! 

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Call or Text Dave at 1-434-728-0952 for more information, pricing, and to attend an Awesome Obstacle Course Workout in Person!!


(Dave Sets-up real Obstacle & Exercise Courses for his Clients for Awesome  Workouts!)

Dave also specializes in training his clients for Obstacle Course Races or just for fun to help them get into the best shape of their lives!



(Sports Training for OCR Athletes only!) 

Dave has created OCR “Obstacle Course Racing” Workouts designed to strengthen your body from any and every angle for better strength, endurance, speed, gripping, agility, cardiovascular strength, flexibility, and more while keeping body fat low!  These workouts strengthen all areas of your body from the smallest muscles to the largest while forming protection and strength around joints, ligaments, tendons, and bones to make your body an OCR machine!

(Sports Training for OCR Athletes only!)

If you are an OCR Athlete (amateur of professional) Dave Gluhareff can help you move up in the ranks plus help you to better dominate in the sport of OCR with training, race preparation, motivation, accountability, and Nutrition!  Dave has been training clients in person and online for years in OCR!

Serious OCR Athletes only please contact Dave to have him personally develop your Training, Nutrition, Recovery, Supplementation, & Racing plans! Dave will work side by side with you in person, online, text, phone, & email to ensure your successful individualized planning and positive results!





Here are various training & racing pics of Dave Gluhareff, his sons Dylan & Matthew, OCR Athlete friends, plus some clients over the years!










Dave is also the Director of VPX Team Xtreme OCR (Obstacle Race Team)

David Gluhareff (VPX Team Xtreme Director)

Bio Dave Gluhareff

6’2 / 225 Pounds / 35 yrs old / 4.8 Forty Yard Dash / OCR for 2 years / UltraRunning OCR’s / Trainer / Writer / Speaker

VPX Supplements: Medivin (Multi-Vitamin/Mineral 5000 IU Vitamin D), NO Shotgun, SyntheSize, Chain Drive, Carbonx RTD & powder, Zero Impact & Life Lift Bars, Protein Rush RTD, Zero Carb Protein, Power Shock, Bang Energy Drinks, Redline, Power Pump 7 RTD

4-5 Strength Days (Barbells, Dumbbells, Kettlebells, BodyWeight, Rubber Bands, etc) per week Heavy, Medium, Lite, Medium 4 Week Self Designed Plan PLUS 3-4 Cardio, Speed, or Long Distance Running sessions each week 5-15 miles each Run

In the late 1990’s Dave lost over 100 pounds going from 305 pounds to 205 pounds! Dave then began the journey of proper health & fitness discovering the right combination of 3 Keys to Excellence in Health that every one of us should strive for – Exercise, Nutrition, & Rest! The right Exercises, proper Nutrition, & adequate Rest/Stress Relief are the 3 Keys to being healthy!