Hip Raises Toes In for Low Back Support and Bun and Glute Strength



Hip Raises (toes-in) - Get rid of Low Back Pain!

My absolute Favorite Exercise for Low Back support and Hip/Bun (Glute) Strength! If you have low back strain, sciatic nerve pain, or musclular pain this will help strengthen your glutes (butt) and hips which will give you major support for your low back for turning, twisting, bending forwards, squating down, picking up kids and grandkids, gardening, raking leaves, sweeping, and sitting down or standing for long periods of time!

Over the past 20 yrs in Fitness Training I have personally seen this one exercise help 95% of my clients and readers get rid of what they thought was low back pain and get stronger and move better! I use this 3-4 times weekly myself!!


Here's the link to Dave's TrainWithDave Youtube channel and this exercise:



(Awesome for Low Back Pain Prevention and Healing)

Hip Raises for Low Back support and Top of the Buns strengthening!


*Not a Stretch but a Strengthener for the top of the Buns/Love Handle of Low Back area to help take Strain off the Low Back!*


This is my favorite exercise I do myself & have all my clients do 3-4 times per week with a day of in between for rest.

** Try doing 2-4 sets of these for 10-20 reps each hip/bun every other day!


I sometimes implement them into the workouts or as a warm-up so I know that we always get them done!!

**This prevents, treats, and sometimes gets rid of what most people think is low back pain, when in all actuality it's weak buns and hips that are not supporting the low back area properly. Even if you have had back surgeries in the past like many of my clients before they began training with me then this will still help strengthen the love handles of the low back/hip/top of buns for you to help you when bending over or down or picking up kids, grandkids, or supplies. If you rake leaves or sweep floors or run a vacuum then this is a must do!!**


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