Heart Attack Q and A with Dr Kevin Lingle



Heart Attack Signs and Symptoms and How to Handle them!

By Dave Gluhareff


                Since the middle 1990’s when I began my journey of losing 100 pounds I also began studying and researching the negative effects of a lack of exercise and poor nutrition.  Daily as I became a Personal Trainer, health and fitness Writer, and Speaker I would see real life cases of heart issues related to unhealthy life choices in clients and readers and when I would be lecturing.  I really began to see the effects of years of inactivity and junky food choices take their toll on these peoples’ hearts and cardiovascular system.  Most importantly it became intensely clear just how straining my previous Obese lifestyle was to my own heart.  My lifestyle was killing me.  Many people I began training, writing too, and speaking in front of were struggling with the effects of lazy lifestyles and bad food habits just like I did.  My Obesity, like theirs, caused shortness of breath, fatigue, sluggishness, sugar issues, and I’m certain my younger lifestyle caused some minimal blockages to begin forming.  If I had not done anything about this bad lifestyle then I would for sure have been on medicines already for High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, Type 2 Diabetes, Fatigue, Stress, Acid Reflux, and more illnesses related to my lack of concern for my body and its inner workings.

                Many prospective middle aged clients who contact me for training and help with making positive changes to their health almost always have the above issues affecting their Heart and Cardiovascular Systems.  Some have had heart attacks, some haven’t…yet.  To be blunt they were killing themselves living the way they were living just like I was before the middle 1990’s.  Lack of inactivity, poor nutrition, little to no rest creates a walking “Time Bomb” as we get older.  Immediately I get these clients and readers moving and active. Then we focus on designing the right nutrition plan for their new active life.  Their new rest and sleep schedule falls right into place once they become active and eating healthy.  Many of the side effects and symptoms of the old lifestyle are reversed and cured just like when I began my healthy journey.

                Well I went straight to the Cardiologist I trust, my friend Dr. Kevin Lingle, MD, FACC, FSCAI, to get his expert opinion on what a heart attack is and signs and symptoms since it affects a large majority of my clients and readers directly and in-directly.  Kevin is one of my awesome hard working One-On-One clients who is also a terrific Cardiologist here in our city of Danville, Virginia.  He is now my “go-to” for “Heart” questions and research I sift through for my articles for magazines and websites.  He leads by example in putting his health first also like me and fits in regular exercise, proper nutrition, and plenty of rest even with his busy “Heart Doctor” schedule Lol!   


(Dave Gluhareff) -Question: What is a Heart Attack really?


(Dr. Kevin Lingle) Answer:

A heart attack is when the heart doesn’t get enough oxygen. The most common cause of this is when there is an occlusion (or blockage) in a coronary artery limiting the blood flow to the area of the heart supplied by that artery.


(Dave Gluhareff) -Question: What are some signs and symptoms of a Heart Attack?


(Dr. Kevin Lingle) Answer:

Classic (textbook) symptoms include central chest pressure or heaviness associated with shortness of breath, left arm or jaw pain, nausea, and/or lightheadedness; however, other symptoms could include a sensation of “heart burn,” shoulder pain, palpitations (feeling the heart race and skip beats), or simply fatigue (or a sudden change in your energy level). The symptoms typically start with exercise and progress to rest symptoms; however, a sudden heart attack can occur at rest.


(Dave Gluhareff) -Question: If you someone feels they are having any of these signs and symptoms what should they do?


(Dr. Kevin Lingle) Answer:

Call 911 and chew 4 baby aspirin (81 mg each). If symptoms are mild and only occur with strenuous exercise call you primary doctor or us at Cardiology Consultants of Danville for an evaluation (usually within the same day).


(Dave Gluhareff) -Question: How important is living a healthy lifestyle and practicing prevention techniques?

(Dr. Kevin Lingle) Answer:

Prevention is key Dave!  Also if you have been thru a Heart Attack it’s important to get back to a healthy lifestyle as soon as your Doctor gives you clearance.  I’d suggest 30-45 minutes of a mix of resistance training and cardiovascular training of about 4-6 days per week with one day (7thday) completely off to heal the body.  That day of rest is important to let joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles recover and get strong.  



In regards to Nutrition we should all be making healthy food choices by eating lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, fruits, veggies, water, no junk foods, no processed foods, small portion sizes, and eating these small meals and snacks every two to three hours.  I agree with and follow your free Nutrition Plan Dave as your client so I would recommend that.  Make sure to aim for at least 6-8 hrs of sleep at night and fit in a nap when you can.  All these prevention techniques will all help with getting healthy, staying healthy, and lowering Stress!



Kevin C. Lingle, MD, FACC, FSCAI


Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." target="_blank">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it./ Phone: 1(434) 791-1088 Ext 301

Physical Address: Cardiology Consultants of Danville - 158 Executive Drive Danville, VA


About Dr. Kevin Lingle:
Kevin went to college at Duke University and attended UNC Medical School with his internal medicine residency at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. Kevin’s cardiology and interventional cardiology fellowships were at Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center

Kevin, his wife Kristin, and son Jack moved to Danville July 2013 where Kevin joined Cardiology Consultants of Danville, VA. His areas of specializations are in: radial artery (wrist) catheterizations and interventions (stents), coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, atrial fibrillation, hypertension, hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol), peripheral arterial disease, and venous disease (including treatment for varicose veins and spider veins)

Dr. Kevin Lingle and the team of cardiologists at Cardiology Consultants of Danville provide 24/7 cardiology coverage at DRMC (Danville Regional Medical Center) including emergent catheterizations and stents for acute heart attacks (**Kevin does this via the radial artery, wrist, which is safer and associated with decreased mortality compared leg approach**)

Kevin and his family are active members at Union Church in Danville, VA where Kevin is co-leader for Union's Men's ministry plus he also teaches financial peace university (Dave Ramsey) at Union Church! His wife Kristin is the art director and head of the kid’s ministry at Union Church plus a full-time Mom to their son Jack.



The Absurdity and Problems I have with Diets!



The Absurdity and Problems I have with Diets!


If you could see…

If you could see who comes to me crying, sad, depressed, and asking for a private consultation…

If you could see who emails me pouring their heart out at 3am in the morning while breaking down…

If you could see the grown men who can’t walk up 5 stairs without being out of breath and sweating profusely to secretly vent, shed tears, and ask me for guidance…

If you could see the women heavily medicated on anti-depressants, cholesterol meds, and high blood pressure meds sad about how they’ve let themselves go…

If you could see the parents who secretly bring their young son or daughter with Diabetes and weight problems to ask for help from me…

If you could see the pain and distress in a man’s eyes who is on multiple medications battling weight related issues which are all contradicting each other causing an internal disaster within his body, mind, and heart…

If you could see the sad parents too out of shape and ashamed to get outside and play with their kids…

If you could see the tears…

If you could see the saddening pleas for help in texts, emails, and messages…

If you could hear the stories no one wants you to hear…

If you could feel their shame they truly feel…

Then you’d understand…

…then you’d understand the effects of just that one extra doughnut…

…then you’d understand the effects of that extra dessert…

…then you’d understand the effects of that extra soda…

…then you’d understand the effects of that extra bit of inactivity…

…then you’d understand the effects of video games…

…then you’d understand the effects of being too busy to take care of yourself…

…then you’d understand the effects of that extra piece of fried food…

…then you’d understand the effects of laziness…

If you’ve seen the sadness, suffering, and heart break of Obesity that I have and do everyday…then you’d understand why I take my Work and Career so serious. I feel blessed to be in the position I am. Stop enabling yourself or others around you. Stop making excuses that cause more sadness. Stop buying larger clothes to mask your pain. My work is serious and most importantly…my work is Prevention. For nearly 20 years I’ve been led to help people overcome sadness and re-build confidence…

If you could see the tears then you’d understand.

  • By - Dave Gluhareff


Hip Raises Toes In for Low Back Support and Bun and Glute Strength



Hip Raises (toes-in) - Get rid of Low Back Pain!

My absolute Favorite Exercise for Low Back support and Hip/Bun (Glute) Strength! If you have low back strain, sciatic nerve pain, or musclular pain this will help strengthen your glutes (butt) and hips which will give you major support for your low back for turning, twisting, bending forwards, squating down, picking up kids and grandkids, gardening, raking leaves, sweeping, and sitting down or standing for long periods of time!

Over the past 20 yrs in Fitness Training I have personally seen this one exercise help 95% of my clients and readers get rid of what they thought was low back pain and get stronger and move better! I use this 3-4 times weekly myself!!


Here's the link to Dave's TrainWithDave Youtube channel and this exercise:



(Awesome for Low Back Pain Prevention and Healing)

Hip Raises for Low Back support and Top of the Buns strengthening!


*Not a Stretch but a Strengthener for the top of the Buns/Love Handle of Low Back area to help take Strain off the Low Back!*


This is my favorite exercise I do myself & have all my clients do 3-4 times per week with a day of in between for rest.

** Try doing 2-4 sets of these for 10-20 reps each hip/bun every other day!


I sometimes implement them into the workouts or as a warm-up so I know that we always get them done!!

**This prevents, treats, and sometimes gets rid of what most people think is low back pain, when in all actuality it's weak buns and hips that are not supporting the low back area properly. Even if you have had back surgeries in the past like many of my clients before they began training with me then this will still help strengthen the love handles of the low back/hip/top of buns for you to help you when bending over or down or picking up kids, grandkids, or supplies. If you rake leaves or sweep floors or run a vacuum then this is a must do!!**


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Strength Runner We Cannot Get Fit With A Weak Body


We Cannot Get “Fit” With a “Weak” Body!

Get strong to get into great shape!

One of the biggest mistakes I see when most people want to get into shape is weakness.  Many people are already weak, become weak, and stay weak.  I’m referring to their bodies.  I can’t tell you how many times I get prospective clients or new clients who have tons of aches, pains, and disabilities that can mostly or all be treated with strengthening exercises or even prevented.  Our bodies were made to be active and move so when we become lazy and slack in our physical fitness plans then we begin to get frail and fall apart.  We all have to build a foundation and do some constant maintenance all our lives to ensure strength.  Just like maintenance on a home or vehicle to ensure they stay strong and functioning properly, we need the same for our bodies.

Many of you have heard of my newest training concept Strength Runner (www.StrengthRunner.com) that my good friend and fellow Athlete Dan Krueger and I have been writing about and training online and in-person clients with.  My concept Strength Runner, which has exploded internationally, is also now a monthly column on Bodybuilding.com.  How I am blending “Strength” & Long Distance “Running” helps me to finally define who I am as an Athlete and how I train.  For most of my weight loss clients for years and regular everyday fitness enthusiasts we need to have strength and cardio of some sort, but with Strength Runner I blend my two favorites of Strength and Long Distance Running to excel in both at advanced stages.  Strength Running helps me to excel in my sports of Obstacle Course Racing, 75k Survival Running, and Extreme Endurance Sports.  Everyday fitness enthusiasts need to have strong bodies which can handle cardiovascular activities safely, but now on a larger scale as a Strength Runner I have to ensure my body can take-on enormous challenges in Obstacle Racing, Survival Running, Extreme Endurance, and Ultra Marathon race distances.  I and others like me have to build an even stronger foundation capable of accepting some of the most intense challenges in the world thrown at our muscles, joints, bones, ligaments, and tendons.  Anyone can attempt something like this, but to continue racing and competing like this with little to no injuries is the key to longevity in these sports.


So What Steps do We Take to Get stronger?

The keys to getting stronger and building a solid foundation are Resistance Training, Cardiovascular Training, and Stretch Training.  Then after you’re the Exercise Training gets in-place we focus on proper Nutritional Planning with Rest and Recovery Programming.


Step 1) Resistance (Strength)

Resistance Training and Strength Training have to be number one.  In order for our bodies to be able to walk, run, bike, or perform other cardiovascular activities successfully we have to have a strong foundation.  We cannot expect to propel ourselves forwards in cardiovascular exercises and add impact on our thighs, hips, buns, feet, etc if we are frail and weak.  Most of the experienced long distance runners I know and consult with that do not perform strength training regularly have lots of aches and pains. Most of the “nutritional points-counting walkers” I know who do not strength train regularly have lots of aches and pains too.  The reasons for most of these aches, pains, and debilitating issues are from the lack of proper conditioning from resistance training (strength training).  We all should follow a weekly plan of regular resistance training 3-5 times weekly working each body part a few times with a day or two off for each body part to rest and recover. 

Step 2) Cardio

Cardiovascular training is training “with oxygen” or “aerobically”.  The types of exercises associated with aerobic or cardio exercises can be ones such as these: Running/Jogging, Walking, Outdoor Biking, Elliptical Machine, Power Hiking, Power Walking, Hiking, Roller Blading, Skating, Stationary Biking, Spin Cycling, Outdoor Cycling, Stair/Step Mills, and more.  Here in Southside, Virginia I love to do my runs and walks outdoors using a variety of places like local tracks, parks, the River Walk Trail System, sidewalks, or my absolute favorite place is Anglers Park at the Mountain Bike Trails!  I do 3 runs weekly (Short 2-5 miles/Medium 5-10 miles/Long 10+ miles) and 3 walks.

Step 3) Stretching

Only “Stretch” when your muscles are warm.  One of the biggest mistakes I see people make and even experienced trainers is stretching cold muscles.  Please don’t.  We have to make sure we warm-up properly to get the muscles safe to stretch.  So we have to get our muscles moving gently like taking a brisk walk for couple minutes then our body’s warm-up and it provides a safer stretching environment for the muscles, ligaments, and tendons.  There is no exact amount of time to hold any one stretch.  We need to hold a stretch as long as needed to help muscles that are tight and help promote flexibility.  If you are not too tight then don’t waste too much time holding a stretch, especially deep stretches.  If you are really tight then take some extra time holding the appropriate stretch after you’re properly warmed-up.


  1. Example Routine for a Week:

M/W/F - Total Body Resistance Training (Strength Training)

Tu/Th/Sat – Cardiovascular Training

Sunday – Off to Rest and Recover whole body

  • Warm-up prior to each workout and Stretch before, during, and after workout as needed.


  1. Another Example Routine for a Week:

M/Tu/Th/F – Upper/Lower/Upper/Lower

Tu/Th/Sat – Cardiovascular Training

W/Sunday – Off to Rest and Recover whole body

  • Warm-up prior to each workout and Stretch before, during, and after workout as needed.




Prepare and condition your body regularly to be able to accept daily physical expectations and also demands from your workouts no matter how easy or intense.  Be Strong to get fit!

Please Visit www.TrainWithDave.comor www.facebook.com/trainwithdavefor more about weight loss with Dave and Exercise, Nutrition, & Rest! If you want to Strength train and Run better at long distances plus keep muscle gains then visit www.StrengthRunner.comor www.facebook.com/strengthrunner! Both of these websites have FREE nutritional plans for weight loss and muscle gain too plus more FREE health and fitness information!

Fitness Heals & Makes Us Better!

Fitness Heals & Makes Us Better!

-          Dave Gluhareff’s (Showcase Magazine) Fit Column from November 2012 article re-printed with permission from!

My job as a Personal Trainer is to never let any of my clients feel alone.  I want my boys, my family, my legacy, to be that my career as a Personal Trainer was to never let any of my clients feel alone that they knew I was there for them like God has always been there for me.  I am so proud of my work and proud of what I'm blessed to do by God and for God and it's not about Dave Gluhareff it’s about what God wants Dave Gluhareff to do. I am in one of the fastest growing businesses anywhere in the world because we are getting unhealthier as a world and I am positioned to help on the front lines for Prevention and Treatment of Obesity and all its side effects, symptoms, and pain such as Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Aches, Pains, High Cholesterol, Acid Reflux, Depression, and more.

Read more: Fitness Heals & Makes Us Better!